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Internet Advertising Terms and Conditions

1. This agreement shall constitute a contract when signed by the “Advertiser” (customer) and accepted by the “Website Provider” (DHHC), to place advertising in the MIREK ….DHHC DIRECTORY INTERNET WORLD WIDE WEB. NO AGREEMENT OR UNDERSTANDING NOT SPECIFIED HEREIN WILL BE BINDING ON EITHER PARTY.

2. All copy and instructions shall submit at time of order or mailed to Mirek Swiecicki DHHC Directory Internet immediately thereafter, unless order specifies specific date. Website Provider will assume no responsibility for the style of the artwork other than error in copy set by Website Provider. Advertiser agrees to indemnify and hold the website provider harmless from any intellectual property copyright and trademark infringement based on material furnished to the website provider in connection with advertisement.

3. All orders shall accompany by one month Web Time, Internet setup and Artwork creation payments. Also a valid cheques or order money. For Yearly INVOICE BILLED customers; In the event of nonpayment for any undisclosed reason, (if this contract has provided for such payment), after 30 days of Web Time, the Web Advertising will be deactivated from the Internet and the entire amount of the unpaid balance shall immediately remove Web Advertising.  All accounts will be charged reactivation set up fees in order to re-establish service.

4. REFUNDS: There will be no refunds if the work order agreement and ad proof have approved by the customer. All other errors are the publisher’s responsibility and refunds calculated as follows:

(A) 100% refund for unpublished ad, or ad in the wrong category.
(B) 100% refund for a wrong main Phone Number or, if more than one phone number is listed and the second number is correct, the discretion will be 50% refund of the advertising item cost.
(C) 100% refund for the non-printed spot color item charged, 50% refund if the color item ordered is the wrong spot color.
(D) 60% refund of the total cost of ad, for misspelled main title (ex.: company name or person’s name); minor body text typos will not be refunded.
(E) All disputes are pending verification of customer ad copy, and data supplied. Publisher will not held responsible for any art on computer disk supplied by customer. No other refunds are given.

5. In accordance to this contract here within, if Website Provider has failed to meet customer expectations or violated this agreement, damages would be limited to and only to this contract as applicable. If customer chooses to dispute their rights to the terms of this contract in litigation, it understood that there would be no compensation for the loss of property or profit. Should legal action become necessary to dispute this matter, the prevailing party in said action shall be entitled to reasonable attorney, court costs including collection agency fees, interest any applicable service charges. The venue to hear this matter will be held in the City of Toronto, Ontario.

6. Website Provider shall have the right, but not obligated, to disclose all information obtained from Advertiser to third parties, including without limitation, cheque reporting agencies.

7. A cheque return fee of $25.00 will be charged to customer’s account for all cheque returned by the bank. Website Provider reserves the right to charge and collect remaining balance including late and interest charges of 10% per year.

8. Ad proof of the advertisement is mailed or e-mailed to Advertiser for approval. If proof not returned prior to web time by customer, the website provider will charge the advertiser for any art changes thereafter.

9. Advertiser may indicate corrections such as line, logo, border and photo changes on their ad Such work will be charged as indicated on the price list. All changes must submitted in writing. Website Provider will not held responsible for copy changes given by Advertiser over the telephone and TTY.

10. This agreement with customer while under contract is binding upon all parties, including heirs, assignees, and successors in interest, and shall honor the obligation to pay the balance still outstanding in this advertising agreement.


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