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About CAD

Who We Are
Founded in 1940 by the three regional associations of the Deaf, the CAD is the national consumer organization of Canada’s 300,000 Deaf citizens.
What We Do
The CAD provides consultation and information on Deaf needs and interests to the public, business, media, educators, governments and others. We conduct research and collect data regarding Deaf issues; issue reports on these studies; and provide expertise on them; develop and implement pilot programs. We offer assistance to Deaf organizations and service agencies across the country, and also provide a major library and resource centre on deafness at our office in Ottawa, Ontario.
Financial Support
The CAD receives 23% of its annual revenues from Human Resources And Social Development Canada. The remaining 77% is received through fundraising, membership fees, and special project grants.
All monies are spent on programs run by Deaf people for Deaf people.
Canadian Association of the Deaf
Suite 203, 251 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON K2P 1X3
Voice: +1 (613) 565-2882
TTY: +1 (613) 565-8882
Fax: +1 (613) 565-1207


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